The Minecraft Teacher


Wanted: Teacher and Student Testimonials

Students and fellow teachers!  I need your help for a super-secret, super-exciting project that I’m working on.  I need a large number of testimonials and soundbites about why Minecraft is so great in an educational setting.

I’m not looking for a lengthy dissertation.  I really just want a paragraph that sums up your own experiences with the game.  You can leave it in the comments of this post, or email it to me directly.  Even better than writing a paragraph would be filming yourself speaking your thoughts!

Say whatever you’d like, but if you are unsure what to talk about, here are some questions to consider:

  • What made Minecraft click for you as an educational tool?
  • Why is it effective?
  • What was learned?
  • What do you see as the future of Minecraft
  • What’s a real-world example of something cool that happened with Minecraft in school?
  • Why does playing Minecraft in school represent something fundmentally new and awesome?

If possible, please include your name, and the name and location of your school.  If you are a teacher, please say what you teach. If you are a student, say what subject you used Minecraft with.

And if you’ve specifically used MinecraftEdu, I’d appreciate if you’d mentioned that fact.  And I should probably say that if you share something really glowing about MCEdu (and you don’t mind), I’d love to put your words on the site.

Even if you’ve sent me something before, please paste it in again… I’m terribly disorganized these days!

Thank you so much.  This is going to be cool!