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MinecraftEdu collaborative server project for teachers

The talented and handsome @warrenbez has taken the initiative to start a great server project for teachers using MinecraftEdu.  I’ll let him explain:

I am setting up a MinecraftEDU server that can be accessed by any teacher. The hope is to have teachers collaborate and create a Minecraft unit that can then be made available for download. I think that having teachers collaborate on a particular unit will yield a better product than if any one teacher attempted this on their own. So, my initial idea is to create a Unit or Lesson based on the architecture and history of Ancient Rome. The idea came to me after finding this map available for download. The map has several identifiable Roman structures that could be used in a lesson about Roman architecture. My hope is that teachers will jump in and start adding assignments.

There’s more information and instructions for how to jump in and get started here on Warren’s blog.  Personally, I think this is a fantastic idea.  I’ve been hoping to do something like this, myself, for a while.  But kudos to Warren for getting the ball rolling.

Hmm. Maybe I’ll log in and build some columns…