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Watch my panel

UPDATE: You can now watch my entire panel discussion (and the rest of the conference) right here:

 (direct video link)


I’ll be appearing at the Atlantic Technologies in Education Forum in Washington D.C. on Tuesday.  I’m taking part in what looks to be a really interesting panel on the roll teachers play in game-based learning.  My panel starts at 10:25.

It looks like you’ll be able to watch it live here.

Some other nice things recently.  MineShift/KQED recently did an article on MinecraftEdu that was great.  Lots of really nice quotes, like this:

Though Coia’s school was willing to pay for the game, he says he would have gone for it anyway. “Looking back, I would have paid it out of pocket if I needed to,” he said. “It’s that good.”

Also fun… my work was recently talked about on the CBC, Canadian Public Radio.

This has a special personal meaning for me…  Although I’m from New York City, I spent a lot of time in Nova Scotia, Canada growing up.  The CBC was always on and it’s really my idea of a perfect radio station.  So I’m delighted to have reached those particular Canadia airwaves!