The Minecraft Teacher


Off to Paris… and some “thanks”.

My blog has been sorely neglected for far too long.  I do apologize.  But I thought I’d dash out a quick note to reflect on a few things.  And perhaps give thanks as us Americans are prone to do on certain Thursdays in November.

I’ve just come from my parents’ house where I enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with my family.  I’m now sitting at Liberty International Airport in Newark, New Jersey waiting for a flight to Paris, France…  my first trip to Europe!

I am, of course, headed to Minecon, the second annual convention for the Minecraft community.  I’m going to be participating in two panels.  For the first, I’ll be moderating a discussion with other educators about using Minecraft with children.  And for the second, the entire MinecraftEdu team will be joining me on stage to talk about the creation of our mod and the ways it is being used worldwide.

If you’re going to be at Minecon, make sure to find me and say hi!

It still makes my head spin to think about all the changes in my life and opportunities that have come my way over the past two years.  All because I decided to try this crazy new game that was still in Alpha with my students.

I am thankful for the many supporters who have sent me words of encouragement or helped to promote my work.  I’m thankful for the dozens of other teachers that have shared their classroom experiences with me, offered inspiration, discussed intricacies, and shared pedagogical ideas.  I am thankful for Mojang’s continued support and guidance, and for the awesome MinecraftEdu team who have been on this roller coaster with me.  And I am thankful for my students and their crazy, passionate, innocent energy that reminds me every day why it’s so important to advocate for new ways to teach and to make school relevant, engaging, and meaningful to today’s children.

And, of course, I am overwhelmingly thankful to my family, friends, and colleagues whose support means everything to me.