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MinecraftEdu: How to Connect with MinecraftEdu

From the official MinecraftEdu news feed:

The past several months have been busy ones!

Schools from all corners of the Earth have purchased Minecraft from us and are embarking on amazing projects.  In fact, we are rapidly approaching our 1000th school!  The game is being used in literally every subject area across all age groups.

We consider it part of our mission to network these trailblazers, provide support, and share ideas as widely as possible.  Here are some of the most effective ways to connect:

MinecraftEdu Forums - there is a lively community of educators sharing ideas, solving problems, and providing inspiration.  It’s actually just a Google Group which allows a variety of ways to participate (including email) and handy browsing tools.

MinecraftEdu Chat - This is the most direct way to gain access to the MinecraftEdu team.  We conduct a large portion of our daily business over IRC (Internet Relay Chat), and we are happy to welcome anyone to our channel.  Especially if you are interested in Beta testing new versions of our MinecraftEdu mod!  Either use the link above, or point your favorite IRC client to #MinecraftEdu on

MinecraftEdu Wiki - Our wiki contains a wealth of tutorials and details about how our mod works.  But a good starting point might be this list of Real World Examples.

We are trying to figure out what sort of formalized training and materials we will offer in the future.  But for now, these resources are the best way to jump in, get help, plan your use of the game, and share your experiences.

Join us!