The Minecraft Teacher


Pictures of student creations

I finally have some new pics to share.  I had to sneak back into work during my Spring break to get them!

Most of these photos come from a pre-cursor to my Pyramid Project where the students were grouped into teams of 2 or 3 and instructed to build a house.  They were given a few raw materials and tools, but NOT enough to complete the job.  Only enough to get started.  

They had to decide how to divide the work amongst themselves.  Who would gather resources?  Who would build?  Would one team member be the architect and take a leadership role.  Or would everyone take a turn doing each of these tasks?

Now, these pictures may not seem very impressive compared to some of the amazing Minecraft creations that are out there.  But please remember that these sructures are special to some talented 7 year olds who placed every brick with care.  They invested their times and their personalities into these buildings, and they are incredibly proud of the results.  So am I.  :)

Okay… that last one isn’t actually from my class.  It’s an igloo made by my 5 year old daughter.  Just thought I’d sneak that in!

A slideshow of these images can also be found here: