The Minecraft Teacher


My Tutorial World is now available.

After a great many delays, the Tutorial World, made by me and @GraphicsMatt, is finally available for download.  This is more than a simple training exercise, it’s a whole world to explore!

Beyond that, it’s designed to be played by a single person OR an entire class being led by a teacher.  This world (and variations of it) are what I use personally in my own classes.

Tonight I’m releasing the basic map file that anyone can drop into their Minecraft ‘saves’ directory, or host on their own server.  I’m releasing it with very few strings attached.  Anyone should feel free to use it.  More information and instructions can be found in the ReadMe file.


PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT the full server setup that I use with my own classes.  In fact, I would not recommend that a teacher use this raw version in school without certain protections in place.  There are far too many ways that an inquisitive or mischievous students could “break” the intended gameplay experience.  (Which is not always a bad thing…  but with a large class full of younger students, maintaining a bit of control is crucial).

I would still love to release my full server in order to help other teachers start playing Minecraft with their own students.  However, right now there are a couple technical and legal roadblocks that I’m working out.  But I can say with certainty that the server WILL be made available in some form before long.

I would absolutely love to hear feedback about the Tutorial World.  This map is mainly designed for children aged 7 - 12, but I’m curious how older people respond to it.  Show the map to your kids, your grandma, your yoga teacher… whoever.  Leave a comment below, email, or tweet me.