The Minecraft Teacher



Here is a selection of some of the coverage that my project has been receiving in the media.  Newer links are listed first.


  • Boston Herald - ‘Minecraft’ game builds fan base with nostalgic look
  • FutureGov (Asia Pacific) - Minecraft Game for ICT Skills
  • GameStar (in German) - Lehrer nutzt Minecraft im Unterricht mit Erstklässlern
  • Forbes - Using Minecraft as a Teaching Tool
  • Switched - Teacher Adapts ‘Minecraft’ for the Classroom
  • Kotaku - Teaching First-Graders With Minecraft [Ed: I actually use Minecraft with second grade.]
  • Ars Technica - Educational building blocks: how Minecraft is used in classrooms
  • MindShift - Legos for the Digital Age: Students Build Imaginary Worlds
  • Eureka’s Castle - Educator Uses Minecraft to Teach Young Students Community Building and Basic Computer Skills
  • Reddit - Minecraft in the Classroom [Ed: the link that started it all!]